Services: Professional Consulting

SAGE WAVE is a national expert on aging industry services, issues and trends.  We work with businesses and communities analyzing opportunities, facilitating discussion, developing and implementing business models, building partnerships, and creating best practices.  We help you find the appropriate, successful business solution if you are…

  • considering entering the older adult market
  • wanting to expand and improve your existing business serving the older adult market
  • exploring national trends and sustainable best practices in the aging industry
  • needing project management support to implement your ideas.
    What makes us unique?  SAGE WAVE has a national understanding of all aspects of the aging industry…their strengths and weaknesses, their languages, their evaluation methods, their best practices, etc.   Having worked with aging industries in healthcare, long term care and government as well as for-profits, non-profits, cities, and counties…we know what is happening across the industry and how to align your goals with the opportunities.